Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Empty Skies Part 1

Empty Skies is a game that follows Seren, a young (well relatively speaking) man who is destined to hold the stars of the universe together in loneliness . One day Seren is attacked by something simply known as "The Calamity" and his stars taken away. Needing to retrieve them (as the people on the planet love the stars and need the sun), Seren goes to the planet for the first time in his existence. However, as he comes to make friends and experience more of the world, he isn't sure if he wants to accept his fate as Keeper of the Stars anymore. But someone has to do it.

To the left, two angels known as The End (left) and The Beginning (right). The beginning is given each person that is about to pass from the planet and gives them their general basic overview of a destiny. No details, just the overview. She's sweet and perky and whatnot. She is super sympathetic. The End is a lot more rough and tough, and as her name implies, she's a sort of angel of death. Taking the person away from the planet once their purpose is fulfilled. When her sister gets upset over someone losing track of their destiny, The End often finds this person and nudges them back on track.
These are the only two characters not physically using baltic style like the rest of the characters will.

Here are images of Seren... I really am super attached to this boy. Physically he is a combination of my friend Alan and character Hayden. With a little Flint Diackt thrown into the nose. His Planet clothing is inspired by Polish Military and Nobility as well as the Link in the LOZ: Twilight Princess.
Personality wise he is calm, but emotional and genuinely interested in people and learning. He does however have no sense of social standards or awkwardness. So basically he has the social awkwardness of Baymax from Big Hero 6. He is always calm and always intently focused. If you have his attention he will focus on you so much it can almost be uncomfortable, though he always means well.

Seren in his Void holding the stars

Seren in his void form without his stars, and on his planet form. He is an archer but also has a flail with a morning star end... (yes intentional pun) We can't see it, but far off is a small dagger on his other side.

Can you tell I'm attached to this guy? He is actually breathing. This is what it is like in his void scape... stuck here. He can't move. He only has his thoughts. He doesn't even know at the time why he is here. It isn't until after his stars are taken away that he starts to learn why he was stuck in his void.

There are a ton of characters, ideas, and so on that I have for this... I just want to keep going.

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