Thursday, April 23, 2015

Empty Skies Part 3

Mostly this is an an update on where I'm at and so on.

I've re-done the map entirely. It's still a work in progress, But I received some help from a friend and worked on making it a bit more "old world like".

I did want a poster that I could use next to the gameplay explanation (when I get to writing it. Even though I already know how it functions.) One key feature is the fact that there is a long range, medium range, and short range player. That and I wanted to draw another thing of these guys to cheer myself up sometime. I do need to go back and edit Kyros a bit....*happy sigh* Seren is so small.

But I also went back to really old drawings such as the Beginning and the End. So I have the basic drawngs of them done. Just not.. y'know the descriptions. I already know about them, I just have to place the text down. So this is what it is like having characters with straight hair... interesting.

Also as a cute bonus, some sketches of two of the Magical Cats from The Island of Magical cats, You get to choose one of five. But I have a basic doodle of the Defense Cat (purple) and the Speed cat (Green) 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Empty Skies Part 2

A lot has changed already since last time. Here are the updates:

+ The story is finally fully understood in terms of the 'big picture' (See Paragraph for Synopsis)

+ The Game Mechanics are understood in terms of the 'big picture'

+ All the primary characters have at least their design and their full story/character going.

+ There is a Map in Progress

+ Minus the text, the character Marcelo's poster is done.

+All the playable characters are complete.

Seren Poster update:

The composition needed a huge re-do. The background is also a lot nicer and more simplistic. The description of who he is has been condensed from last time.

The Character Calamity finally has a poster. I'll still need to update it as I forgot the shadows. But other than that he is done. Calamity was originally meant to be the main antagonist of the story. But as time goes on he is more of a tragic character similar to Seren in that he does not know his purpose. It turns out the two were actually meant to be brothers and Calamity the original Keeper of the Stars. But... well the new main antagonist interfered with all of that. Calamity is however, the main antagonist for the most of the story, or so your character you play as (Seren) is lead to believe. And while it's true Calamity is bringing harm to people when he goes out of his mind, he isn't trying to conquer the world or anything. He's just so desperate to do anything to find out what he was meant for. As Calamity is a shape shifter, the black form or "Raw Form" on the right is his natural form, a result of never having been born or transferred to the planet properly. The form on the left is the form he stole from Seren. While Seren still has his own form, Calamity now has his own variation of it. It's the most comforting, as it is the form he stole from his would be twin brother, and thus the closest to his own form that would have been. Calamity does eventually join your party. He has four forms he shifts between. Seren form is his favorite and he chooses to be his new natural form. It's his most balanced form. The Raw form is used for espionage and scouting ahead, as he can be invisible

Kyros has been developing as one of the more Slavic inspired characters in terms of physical appearance. So far I have two drawings of him. One is below, the other is  a sketch book drawing which focuses more on his armor. Kyros is one of the playable characters in your party. He's the swordsman tank type character. Very strong, fun, free spirited sort of guy. He is sort of like a father to Seren and instills a strong sense of helping others. Kyros however is a bit of a flirt and a go-with-the-flow sort. 


Kiva has only come to me in the last day or so. She's the oldest of the main party characters you can play as in terms of physical age and life experience. (Seren and Calamity are older, but they'd be the equivalent to normal 16 year olds.) She is harsh on Kyros when he is slacking or flirting. In general she is a domineering warrior. She fights with a staph/sicthe sort of thing for medium distance. (As opposed to long distance Seren and close up Kyros). She's also the magic/healing one. To Seren she can be sweet and motherly, as the lad has absolutely no life experience despite his age

We also have Marcelo. He is a powerful Wizard that protected all major cities in artificial light when the starts and sun were taken away. He's kind of clutzy and childlike. He actually draws children, including Seren, to him with his personality. (He kind of can't really help it) He tries to show them all sorts of cool things. In the case of Seren, he is a mentor and guides the characters through their adventures with leads and ideas. He says if you collect the stars he can restore them.

A map in progress. Showing a lot of the 'Sunspots" Marcelo the Magician has made. Still a WIP.

Annnddd because everything else are sketches that I don't have scanned in, have this silliness I made with a friend. Seren is in pink. The blue character is my friend's character, who was created and developed around the exact same time as Seren.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Empty Skies Part 1

Empty Skies is a game that follows Seren, a young (well relatively speaking) man who is destined to hold the stars of the universe together in loneliness . One day Seren is attacked by something simply known as "The Calamity" and his stars taken away. Needing to retrieve them (as the people on the planet love the stars and need the sun), Seren goes to the planet for the first time in his existence. However, as he comes to make friends and experience more of the world, he isn't sure if he wants to accept his fate as Keeper of the Stars anymore. But someone has to do it.

To the left, two angels known as The End (left) and The Beginning (right). The beginning is given each person that is about to pass from the planet and gives them their general basic overview of a destiny. No details, just the overview. She's sweet and perky and whatnot. She is super sympathetic. The End is a lot more rough and tough, and as her name implies, she's a sort of angel of death. Taking the person away from the planet once their purpose is fulfilled. When her sister gets upset over someone losing track of their destiny, The End often finds this person and nudges them back on track.
These are the only two characters not physically using baltic style like the rest of the characters will.

Here are images of Seren... I really am super attached to this boy. Physically he is a combination of my friend Alan and character Hayden. With a little Flint Diackt thrown into the nose. His Planet clothing is inspired by Polish Military and Nobility as well as the Link in the LOZ: Twilight Princess.
Personality wise he is calm, but emotional and genuinely interested in people and learning. He does however have no sense of social standards or awkwardness. So basically he has the social awkwardness of Baymax from Big Hero 6. He is always calm and always intently focused. If you have his attention he will focus on you so much it can almost be uncomfortable, though he always means well.

Seren in his Void holding the stars

Seren in his void form without his stars, and on his planet form. He is an archer but also has a flail with a morning star end... (yes intentional pun) We can't see it, but far off is a small dagger on his other side.

Can you tell I'm attached to this guy? He is actually breathing. This is what it is like in his void scape... stuck here. He can't move. He only has his thoughts. He doesn't even know at the time why he is here. It isn't until after his stars are taken away that he starts to learn why he was stuck in his void.

There are a ton of characters, ideas, and so on that I have for this... I just want to keep going.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Cute little bird one moment, predator the next. The branch like things in it's mouth can wrap around a human hand and rip it to shreds. By the time you could get away from it it would likely have gotten to your elbow. And of course the trauma from having that much of your arm ripped off would likely kill you after awhile. While waiting for it's victim to perish burd usually follows them until they've passed. Then it has a meal for a long while.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Environment Thumbnails

I've always liked environments. Sure they take me more work to get right, but they're pretty nice.

I dunno I like a lot of these. I hadn't the time to work on making two of them a full background...  I was too busy making environments for another project that was due Friday no exceptions and will still take lots of work.

Ha ha so... environments everywhere.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Manic Acupuncturist

Basically that was the next Characters and Environments assignment. Sadly I didn't have enough time to finish more expressions. I imagined one this psychotic lady - who still has no name - where she was running her hands down her face in pure joy for more patients who had arrived. I also imagined another where she used acupuncture needles to make a mustache on her face.

Ah none the matter. I got to torment one of mine - and my friend Brooke's - other characters, Hayden Striker.

If you tell Hayden something is fun, he is along no questions asked. Sometimes Often that shortsightedness gets him into trouble.

I drew the one of Hayden being tormented with 150 needles first... so I couldn't resist this sketch with Brooke later. Originally I was supposed to be in it too... but I changed my mind.

Indeed I do Hayden. Indeed I do.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Dragon Lady


Drawing a character in my style was interesting. It was nice to have a tiny bit of practice with elderly characters prior. Still I wasn't entirely sure what to do with the idea of a "Spanish Old Woman".  I thought of a vain woman losing her youth but... the Dragon Lady was just too tempting.
Here she is first in my style. I couldn't attempt other styles until I had a base.

 I couldn't figure out if it's Scotty Young or Scottie Young. Well either way  I was rushing this one too much. Though scribbly, there is a neatness he has that I neglected in a rush. I like how creepy she is here, but this is my least favorite. Yet it's also the most similar to my style.

I didn't know if I would like the Michel Ocelot style. I did truly! I also got an opportunity to use some photographs I've taken n the background and light thing.

The Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball) or as I like to call this, Kuroko no Dragon, was the most opposite of my style. Now  I know why I don't use pen pressure in my own art. It's not a bad tool, just not the right tool for my style. This style, goes the opposite, not just in that it is anime, but in technique. Thin line art that requires the brush of the pen pressure. Hard shading that requires pen pressure. It's all very pen pressure reliant. My style just isn't.

Ahhhh recent examples. Uh Edwin here yes. See? My style is a no go in pen pressure. Sorry this is a portion of a group project. There's meant to be more stuff around him.

Oh here is a better example. Part of the DR.Wolf project. Yeah my style is super cartoony. My painting is pretty but the process just...  don't enjoy pen pressure. That and my tablet only lets me use pen pressure on Macs only. My personal computer and class room ones are windows. I have to go down to the computer lab for pen pressure.

Finally here are all my references for the old lady style. I own none of the drawings in this reference sheet.