Thursday, April 23, 2015

Empty Skies Part 3

Mostly this is an an update on where I'm at and so on.

I've re-done the map entirely. It's still a work in progress, But I received some help from a friend and worked on making it a bit more "old world like".

I did want a poster that I could use next to the gameplay explanation (when I get to writing it. Even though I already know how it functions.) One key feature is the fact that there is a long range, medium range, and short range player. That and I wanted to draw another thing of these guys to cheer myself up sometime. I do need to go back and edit Kyros a bit....*happy sigh* Seren is so small.

But I also went back to really old drawings such as the Beginning and the End. So I have the basic drawngs of them done. Just not.. y'know the descriptions. I already know about them, I just have to place the text down. So this is what it is like having characters with straight hair... interesting.

Also as a cute bonus, some sketches of two of the Magical Cats from The Island of Magical cats, You get to choose one of five. But I have a basic doodle of the Defense Cat (purple) and the Speed cat (Green) 

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