Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm pleased that I've managed to bring about some very nice realism art over the course of this class. It takes quite a bit of time for me to create these things. So it is unfortunate that I cannot get myself to practice it as much unless it is very short studies in my sketch book or doubled as a school assignment. 
Regardless, I've seen a big improvement from some of my other Portfolio Pieces. 

So I figure I might as well show what I've completed thus far as well as my thoughts on each piece. (Prepare for a ridiculous amount of speech. Blah blah yap yap dribble dribble dribble.)

Thanks Olivia for the Photos... though I'll admit I'll get nicer ones later. :) Still, they were great for a quick at the moment thing! :D 

ANYWAY, Dani can paint!? Well apparently more than she previously thought. Really. I never thought I would be able to show any decent painting skills. Even water color, my best painting media was rather pathetic. I came into this assignment even more nervous than I previously was. Water colors were not allowed. Oil or Acrylics only. This was tedious work - as always is realism - and often stressed me out. But eventually I came to enjoy the time it took to oil paint. I loved the blending of colors. I'll still take digital painting any day though. 

POINSETTIA! <3 Why yes, yes I do like them thank you very much. The idea of drawing one and all the leafy fabric sounded wonderful and challenging. Mind you it's a fake. (I'm not about to kill my cats... or kill a real poinsettia by neglecting to care for it.) I also wanted to try out a glass which is something I've never experimented with. I also enjoy fabric. Fabric is one of my favorite things to draw no matter the style. Sadly I think I made that vase look like another type of fabric. :/  I also intended to create a faded background through the window. Imagine how overwhelming the piece would be if you could see every detail of the outdoors in clarity? 
The piece was created with Charcoal pencils, (First time using them in 3 years. Second time using them ever.) Derwent Graphic Pencils, and Chalk. 

Say hello to my mother. The Heidi of HyperionEA. I really do love my mom. She's done so much for me. Er... before I get off track let's move on to my thought process hmm? The idea was to do a figure drawing. I love the human figure and fluid poses we can create. As much as I would have adored to go for a full body the vertical effects of this picture were screaming:
Isn't it neat when your art goes an entirely different direction than you intend? Drawing the top of Mom's hair was tedious and fun. The bottom meh... needs work. I'm not good with lengthy hair. I also loved the skin texture on her face and the fabric of the shirt she wore. The couch fabric was also fun. The Christmas tree in the background was difficult in the respect of ornaments and lighting. The tree itself wasn't so bad. 

Okay. I believe you've suffered through enough text. :) 

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  1. Your so talented! All your projects look very well thought out and the attention to detail is awesome:)