Monday, February 25, 2013

Digital Painting

Digital painting is one of my absolute favorite forms of media. I've been doing it since eight grade. That is why I wanted to veer over to one of my loves for my independent study. Granted I had to rush time due to the College deadline arriving soon.

Since I want to go into storyboarding and animation, I decided to show character creativity and originality. I wanted the backgrounds to be part of the characters, not separated from them.

"Paper Street"
These are my characters Jacob (blond in back right) and Vivi (black hair to the left). The drawing was loosely inspired by a Brony song I like called Paper Sky . The rip in the road is meant to be like cyberspace separating the two different landscapes. After all, the characters live on different sides of their continent. Yet, like many people these two are only online friends. I wanted them to react to the others like complete strangers though. Jacob lives in a town. His town is inspired by Puerto Rican architecture. 
The car is a navy blue Buick Park Avenue, the same car I own.

Way back in 8th grade I made a silly series about cats called Detective Cats. I spent years changing the story and it became really serious actually, but not without bits of humor and fun to balance it out. I left the project to focus more on humans around 11th grade. But that doesn't mean I don't still hold the fondness for the series and think  about reviving it sometime. The Characters from left to right are: Darkstripe, Tiny, Pickle, & Starbuck. 

So yeah, those are my digital independent study projects. Both have traditionally (on paper) drawn line art that was scanned in and colored digitally. 

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