Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Characters with Shapes

 Basically this is assignment was to create character sketches with circles, squares, or triangles. I'm glad to have been able to easily play with the types of styles I know into odd combinations. Actually I'm probably going to use some of these characters as basic ideas for characters in my stories.

Circle based people. My favorite is the man in the middle with the large chin.

Had a lot of fun with this square section. Somehow I can do dogs in this... which is odd because I don't know how to draw dogs. I really should learn. I also love the guy with the gauge earings and the men in the top left and right. Maybe the boy with the turtle on his head... maybe.

The triangle section was both my first and last. I like the little girl in the top row, the woman to the bottom left and the man to the bottom right. The dog is okay, but I like the previous dog more.

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