Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still in WIP phase: Golden Light

Due to my idea for the DRWolf project being so... crazy (I blame my tendency to underestimate the time I need to do things.) Golden Light is still in its WIP phase. :(

On the bright side, with the DRWolf project out of the way I intend to use this week to give the project all the love it deserves.

This story is based off the Tiger from the Chinese Zodiac. One character, Elliot, has the personality of the Tiger. Meanwhile Lydia... well you'll see. 

It's about a young magician-to-be boy named Elliot, whose arrogance becomes so out of control, another magician turns his sister, Lydia, into a tiger. Unable to undo the spell, Elliot and Lydia leave their home in search for the 'Golden Light' which is said to undo all abnormalities in any creature. However, time is limited. If mistakes are made, Elliot may lose both his sister and his future.

The Process of finding Elliot

It took me awhile to get a Tiger Lydia I liked. The one in the top right corner and the one with "YAY!" near it are when I felt good. The girl version is still... going. I need more work on her human version. 

More Elliots. I love drawing this guy. The Gradient is not final. It is just his color scheme that I'm going to use. I wanted this style to be different in my coloring techniques from normal.

 Again these gradients are just placeholders showing Elliot and Lydia's color schemes. I still have to figure out where Lydia's stripes are going to go. <3 Cute anyway. Though I'm sure Elliot is annoyed... I mean his sister is only 6 or 7 so... yeah. Oh yes Elliot is probably 12 or 13

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